Ready to Stay In The Game?

No one should be forced to choose between caregiving and a career. Yet inflexible schedules and antiquated systems are pushing mothers out of the workforce entirely. Once out, it’s nearly impossible to get back in. Until now.

Get In The Game

Stay In The Game aims to end the gender parity gap by providing remote, purposeful, flexible work. By Staying In The Game, caregivers and others keep their skills up to date and avoid gaps in their resumes. Instead of exiting the workforce altogether, individuals can downshift to an adapted role until they are ready to upshift – however long that may be.

Been out of the game for a while? No problem. Stay In The Game offers the work opportunities and skills training you need to succeed.


  • Purposeful, flexible, remote work
  • Skills training and badging
  • Community support and mentorship

“Caregiving isn’t a need, it’s a right.” — Mona Andrews


Although women comprise more than half of the workforce at entry point, only 16% make it to the C-level and only 4% to the CEO level, in part due to stepping off the career path for personal and family reasons.

From Our Employees:

“Recently retired after an exciting 30-year career in management with a Fortune 500 company, I appreciate Stay in the Game for providing the opportunity to stay engaged and apply my skills, the flexibility to travel, the freedom to spend time with my family, all the while participating in the amazing mission of empowering women who strive for work/life balance.”


“Stay in the Game has been invaluable to me in terms of flexibility. As a parent of a teenager, being able to adjust my work schedule so I can drive her to her various activities has been a godsend. I’m able to watch her games, which allows me to stay connected not only to her, but also to the rest of the team and their parents. Thank you, Stay in the Game, for affording me the time to be fully present in all aspects of my child’s life!”


“It’s amazing to be able to care for my family and still remain focused on my career. The flexibility to do what I love and care for those I love is awesome.”


The professional work opportunity that Stay in the Game has provided me has been a dream come true for my family and career. By working remotely, I can seamlessly address the needs of my young family while maintaining my professional skills and contributing to my field. This is exactly what I have been looking for since becoming a mother.

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