Across the United States, women continue to experience barriers when beginning to climb up the leadership ladder for many reasons. After becoming a mother, it is not uncommon to see these mothers grow frustrated after seeing the difficulty of re-entering the workforce. From struggling to catch up on the work that was missed during the maternity leave, to stay current on the trends in their specific industry.

For most women, these barriers oftentimes become to difficult to overcome, and they end up leaving the workforce altogether. In so many of these scenarios, the women are college-educated, qualified working professionals that lack the resources they need to stay relevant. This is what inspired Mona Andrews to create her own company focused on helping these working moms succeed. We wanted to learn more about Mona, and how she went on to become the CEO of Stay In The Game.

Mona Andrews has been working as an entrepreneur for most of her professional life and has been involved with the entrepreneurial community through her years. She is the Founder of Executive Financial Enterprises and has worked as the Founder and CEO for over 20 years. In addition to her work with EFE and Stay In The Game, Mona also works as a licensed attorney in the state of California.

Her inspiration for Stay In The Game came to light the first day that Mona dropped her children off for their first day of preschool. “From the minute I enrolled them, I observed how women struggle to balance their careers with caregiving. Since I work as an entrepreneur, I can modify my schedule to accommodate both, something that other women don’t have,” Mona explains.

After witnessing the struggle that those women had with staying in the workforce, Mona decided to do more digging, to see just how common flexibility is in American companies. The results were discouraging. Not only do women struggle to re-enter the workforce after giving birth, but they often would end up leaving the workforce altogether.

“Most of the women that I interacted with do not have the flexibility to manage both a professional and personal life. In the end, they either stayed employed, which means that they are missing important moments of being a mother, or they just left the workforce. This is not acceptable,” she says.

Stay In The Game
After seeing this cycle continue to happen, Mona decided to create Stay In The Game to help these women. Stay In The Game is a company that works to end the gender parity gap by offering alternative work structures to meet the needs of caregivers, particularly during the first 10-12 years of caregiving.

Stay In The Game aims to connect clients with a job that provides the flexibility they need. To do this, they partner with large companies to offer the best solution to new mothers who need to downshift during key lifecycle moments. This includes access to flexible jobs in several industries, as well as access to community support, additional job training and upskilling. So, not only are these women being provided with access to jobs but can keep their training up-to-date through the company’s resources.

“I had seen so many intelligent, motivated, educated women who were not confident in their professional skills. As it turns out, their confidence would begin to decline the longer they had not been in the workforce and felt insecure about their relevance, ability to compete, and skill levels,” Mona explains.

Because of people like Mona Andrews, more mothers are not only able to stay in the workforce but can receive ongoing training, to ensure that they do not fall too far behind. Stay In The Game offers a variety of job opportunities in various industries, including IT, Business and Finances, Data Services, and Customer Engagement. Thanks to companies like Stay In The Game and pioneers like Mona Andrews, women are now able to remain in the workforce, even after becoming mothers.