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Honored to be included in the Top 100 Small Businesses by Small Business Expo


Los Angeles, CA: Stay In The Game, a business process outsourcing company offering flexible, remote employment to women struggling to balance the demands of career and caregiving, announced that they have been awarded Small Business Expo’s 2018 Best of Small Business Award. Small Business Expo is America’s biggest small business trade show and networking event. The Best of Small Business Awards celebrates the top small to mid-sized business visionaries in the United States.


Mona Andrews, Founder & CEO of Stay In The Game, says, “I am so honored that Stay In The Game was recognized for our hard work and success. I started this company to solve the important social need of having more educated, motivated women represented in the corporate world. We are changing the lives of women each and every day, and I am so honored that Small Business Expo realized the value of our business.”


Whether it’s mothers, students, or women reentering the workforce, Mona Andrews is helping everyone get back in the game. “There are over ten million fulltime stay-at-home moms with Bachelor’s degrees,” says Andrews. “If we can build future female talent pipelines, we’re not just going to Stay In The Game…we’re going to win it.”


Details about the Small Business Expo’s Best of Small Business Award and a list of all winners are available at



About Stay In The Game: Stay In The Game offers flexible and remote work options to help women with extensive experience and advanced degrees stay engaged in the workforce. It is the only end-to-end architecture that exists to create opportunities for this underutilized talent pool. Stay In The Game employs with purposeful, flexible work; empowers with ongoing skills training; and supports with a strong community, mentors, and sponsors. Clients using Stay In The Game’s business process outsourcing services reduce their overhead costs, engage highly educated individuals, and drive better business outcomes.