Companies all over the United States are beginning to see the benefits of offering flexible work to their employees, and current trends indicate that we will continue to see remote opportunities and flexible work increase in coming years. A 2017 report from FlexJobs tells us that the number of employees in the US who worked from home more than 50% of the time grew 115% from 2005 to 2017.

For companies like Stay In The Game, flexible work is what we are passionate about, and we share that vision with women across the country. By providing new mothers and caregivers with flexible work, Stay In The Game opens up the opportunity to continue advancing your career while creating your own schedule and being able to prioritize both work and family. Part of what makes Stay In The Game so special is our employees, and this month, we want to honor Lisa Vitello for our employee profile.

Lisa is a Placement Coordinator for Stay In The Game. She joined the company in December 2017 and fully supports the company’s vision of changing the outdated architecture of our country’s workplaces. Not only does she enjoy the work that she does with Stay In The Game, but as a remote worker herself, she finds the flexibility of her position to be the best way to manage her time.

“One of the biggest things that I truly appreciate about Stay In The Game is being able to work remotely, giving me time to manage my professional and personal obligations,” said Lisa.

When she became a mother, Lisa quickly realized how difficult it could be to balance her professional and personal obligations, which ultimately led her to explore remote work opportunities. After connecting with Stay In The Game, Lisa began working as a Placement Coordinator, where she remains today. She says that having flexibility in her workplace and schedule was necessary for her to continue her career.

“As a mother, having flexibility in the workplace is invaluable. It allows me to continue working towards my career, and all that it entails,” Lisa said.

Countless women throughout the United States are in similar situations to Lisa’s and could benefit from a flexible, remote employment opportunity to help them balance their work and home responsibilities. Thankfully, more companies are not only beginning to embrace the idea of a more flexible workplace but are beginning to offer it as a benefit to their employees. Stay In The Game is working hard to make sure the concept of remote work is no longer just a fantasy, but an exciting reality.