More and more, professionals are looking for companies that offer remote work as a benefit. With countless Americans balancing work and personal responsibilities, it is not difficult to understand why remote work is becoming a highly sought after benefit. VoyageLA Magazine recently sat down with Stay In The Game CEO Mona Andrews to talk about her new company and how she is using flexible, remote work to help keep women in the workforce.

In the article, Mona talks about her inspiration for Stay In The Game.  When Mona’s sons entered preschool she noticed many of the other mothers struggling to balance their work responsibilities with school events, field trips, doctor’s appointments and sick children. As an entrepreneur, Mona’s schedule allowed her more flexibility than most women. However, she found that many women did not have access to a flexible work schedule. After further research and conversation with other working mothers, Mona knew that she could be part of the solution for keeping women engaged in the workforce throughout key life cycle moments. Mona has always been passionate about empowering women in the workforce and creating a workforce architecture that supports women. The challenge, Mona says, is not convincing other working women of its value, but in getting companies to fully embrace the benefits of offering flexible, remote work to their employees.  

Stay In The Game provides jobs, training, and community support for working women around the country, allowing them to maintain a working knowledge of their industry and stay engaged in the workforce while also managing their caregiving responsibilities. In doing so, women can return to  a full-time position when they are ready without having to worry about the gap in their resumé.

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