There continue to be more stories in the news about how companies are finding themselves struggling to find and retain quality employees for extended periods of time. For so many leadership teams, the reason behind this struggle remains a mystery, but more working professionals are beginning to speak out about the need for greater flexibility in their jobs. While more companies have made the shift to offering more flexible work schedules, many more companies remain unconvinced of the benefits of flexible work. With this in mind, Mona Andrews, CEO of Stay In The Game, wanted to give a background of flexible work, and explain why it is becoming so important to so many working parents.

What is Flexible Work?
We hear about the concept for flexible work, but how is it defined and implemented through the companies that offer it? To give a better idea, the U.S. Department of Labor defines flexible work as an alternative work schedule to the traditional 9-5, 40-hour work week that allows employees to vary their work schedule as needed. The flexibility allows employees to work from home (or remotely), shift their arrival and departure times from the office as needed, and make adjustments to better fit their schedule. For many women who become parents during their career, the concept for flexible work can become increasingly important, as they manage their responsibilities as both a caregiver and working professional.

Why Is Flexible Work So Important?
After becoming a parent and taking on the countless responsibilities of being a caregiver, more Americans, particularly women, are finding that they are unable to re-enter the workforce full-time, as they continue to have too many personal responsibilities. For many of these women, the lack of jobs that offer flexible works drives them to leave the workforce altogether, leaving an increasingly large group of qualified, ambitious professionals untapped. If these groups continue to push for greater flexibility in the workplace, we can work to achieve a workforce that not only offers flexible, remote work but embraces the concept.

In recent years, the United States has seen an upward trend in the number of companies that offer a flexible work schedule. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly one-quarter of all U.S. employees worked remotely in 2016. This is a step in the right direction, but the push for companies to offer flexibility as part of the job will continue to grow.

How Can We Help Increase Flexibility In The Workplace Moving Forward?
As more attention grows on the need for a job that offers a flexible schedule, so will the need for companies to offer it as part of their perks. To help raise awareness about the significance of flexible work, more leaders and entrepreneurs are shifting focus to assisting parents who find themselves unable to work after becoming a caregiver.

Additionally, these leaders are working with women who strive to continue advancing their career without having to readjust their responsibilities. Companies like Stay In The Game have seen the increasing need for flexible work, and have made it their company’s mission to assist women who want to remain in the workforce. With companies like Stay In The Game, women can feel confident knowing that their voice is being heard, and they can find a job that will not only help them remain in the workforce but thrive in the workforce.